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Frequently Asked Question

Do You Have an EIN?

Yes we do! All of our services write off as a business expense.

Do You Set Up All Necessary Security?

Yes! In fact, we customize things like your .htaccess and other files to keep you safe.

How Long Does A Website Take To Go Live?

It depends upon how customized you want it. On average, in two weeks or less, your site will be live with your content.

Can You Change My Email Provider?

Yes! We can move email between servers as well as convert from Microsoft Outlook to Google Workspace and vice versa on the fly.

Will I get 2 Years Free Hosting?

If approved by Amazon AWS, yes you will receive 2 free years of hosting!

Do You Provide Maintenance?

Yes! We perform maintenance, for a fee, for dozens of Clients keeping their websites safe every day.

Can You Move My Site To a New Server?

Absolutely! And we can move it over and get you the 2 years free hosting, as well.

Are You Well Versed With Nonprofits?

Absolutely! From IRS 501(c)(3) to IRS 501(c)(6) — Charities and Trade Associations respectively — we handle everything from cradle-to-grave, 990 filings, and ongoing operations.