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Digital Media Group (DMG) welcomes you to our Operations Center. We are an innovative solution for Investors and Contractors alike. DMG serves as an Operational Hub for many successful, Real Estate based, firms. In addition to our Contractor Rehab and Restoration platform, DMG provides a multitude of servicer oriented options. We provide Investors with a Single Source platform which both onboards Contractors and Assets. The Mortgage Field Services Industry (MFS) relies upon DMG to fill positions within both Management and Labor within the MFS Industry. Additionally, DMG provides an Educational Framework for all according to their need. Finally, DMG provides niche services ranging from Geospatial and Business Intelligence, to Risk Assessment and Candidate Investigations.

DMG licenses many products used in the Industry today which you may not even be aware of. Our ability to drill through the obscure to reveal crystal clear understanding is what sets us apart from what few international providers exist today. In fact, that is the very reason why many firms come to us. In today's real time marketspace,