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Today is Friday 26 February 2021.
     Hedge Fund New Home Construction 

Current Operations in Baltimore, Washington DC, and throughout Pennsylvania.

Baltimore Count: 24, Washington DC Count: 15, Pennsylvania Count: 39.

New Home Builders vetted and pending submission: 34.
Loan Applications received: 32.

DMG will continue to process foreclosure inspections coming in as well as assign Rehab and Restoration firms to companies seeking Insurance and Hazard Claims work throughout the Gulf Coast.

If you need access to data, reach out to Ghost.

     Mortgage Field Services

Total Field Service Technician Count: 9,452
Total Inspector Count: 1,042

     Application and Forms

Inspectors - For submission of foreclosure inspections to Investors
New Home Builders - Providing New Home Construction services
Remodelers - Providing Rehab and Restoration services