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Question: What Is The Overall Concept?

Realtors complete the trifecta of the Digital Matrix Group's (DMG) Portfolio. When a Realtor is assigned an Asset, they are the cradle-to-grave custodian. The Investor may assign Assets to a Realtor; a Contractor may bring an Asset and partner with the Realtor; and the Realtor themselves, may bring an Asset forward. The Realtor is responsible for providing a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) upon the Asset and all aspects of marketing normally associated. In essence, the Realtor becomes an Asset Manager.

One of the perks of being a Realtor with DMG is that, in many cases, Assets are provided to the Realtor. This rarely, if ever, happens in the real estate sector.

In all cases, the Realtor is the Agent of the Investor.

Question: What Is The Compensation?

The Realtor receives the normal 3% for purchasing an Asset. They additionally receive 6% for selling the Asset. Additionally, if the Asset is sold within 90 days, the Realtor receives an additional 5% bonus.

Question: What Is My Legal Relationship?
Answer:  In all cases, the Realtor is the legal agent of the Investor.
Question: What Are My Responsibilities?

Initially, the Realtor is responsible for entering and/or verifying all Asset specific data entered into the Property Acquisition database.The Realtor is responsible for providing a Broker Price Opinion built upon the specific Digital Matrix Group's BPO format. The Realtor is responsible for all marketing and ancillary materials; the showing of the property, personally; and maintaining all necessary legal credentials to properly dispose of the Asset in a timely manner. The normal custodial paperwork associated with the purchase and sale of any Asset is also the responsibility of the Realtor.

At no time, whatsoever, is the Realtor considered to be an employee of either the Investor nor of Digital Matrix Group.

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